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The Life I Didn't Choose



Anthony Dupree's "The Life I Didn't Choose", is a web-series drama about Andre Sparks (Eddie Shepard), who is one of the most high ranked hustlers in the city of Wilmington. Growing up living in foster care and being separated from his younger brother Jasper (Brian Jones), Dre never really understood family and the value of trust. Once Dre grasped all that loyalty entailed, he took it and ran with it. Dre’s loyalty is now tested when he must make a decision between protecting somebody he NEVER knew from getting killed by the one he’s been answering to for years; the streets. Anthony Dupree takes viewers on a journey as he addresses brotherhood, commitment, family and loyalty. Every action has a consequence and every reaction has a life sentence. 








Eddie D. Shepard, a native of Wilmington, Delaware was born July 18, 1996.

Shepard attended Dickinson High School where he played football.
Shepard was born facing many adversities with the first being within the first few hours of his arrival. Doctors stated that Shepard was not expected to live past the first few days due to premature birth at 7 months of his mother's pregnancy.

However today, Shepard is a healthy young man with lots of charm, charisma and a way of winning the hearts of many ( especially the ladies) with his laid back, down to earth, and genuine personality.

Shepard is inspired by his late grandmother Dr. Emma Burgess who raised him throughout his tender years. This project is a vital stepping stone to the major platforms he desires to stand upon in his life.

brian jones


Brian Jones was born June 19, 2000. 

Brian is currently a Junior at John Dickinson High School in Wilmington, DE.

Brian has a love for football, spending time with his family and friends. One who is laid back, yet very charming, Brian's personality is contagious to everyone he comes in contact with.

Brian is a Living Witness of God’s Healing Power. At birth Brian was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease where doctor’s didn’t think he would make it to see 13 years old but here he is today still here going Strong.

Brian is a loving, caring and is a quiet Storm with a DYNAMITE TESTIMONY.

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