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Anthony Dupree's Story

The mastermind behind three music EP projects,

two fragrance lines, one published selling book, one show (Web Series), and one documentary film, Anthony continues to build his legacy and make impact. Attracting audiences and connecting with communities everywhere, Anthony Dupree's desire is for every person to be struck by the light of hope that lives within as his message of inspiration and empowerment transforms them into a better version of themselves. 


The pain you endured from yesterday has rewarded you with the strength you feel today.


     Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Anthony "Dupree" Walker comes from a city where talent is scarce, crime emerges, and has a history of having young people hiding behind a desolate future. Since birth, Anthony Dupree was ordained to be the destined one to place his family’s legacy on a platform of greatness. As a child growing up in church, he learned early about the power of faith and knew exactly what his purpose was.


    Throughout his early years, Anthony Dupree began singing at the age of five and acting at the age of ten. All throughout his childhood he received praise on his talents by family, those within his local assembly, and community. With this support and love for performing arts, Dupree knew that this was his calling. 




Facing both individuality and adversity, Anthony Dupree is reminded of the famous quote written by Frederick Douglas, “Without Struggle There Can Be No Progress.” Being a member of the prestigious Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, Anthony Dupree knows the importance of uplifting his community, uplifting humanity, and exemplifying good character .Growing up in a community full of disparity and poverty, Anthony Dupree wants to be an example to the community and let them know that dreams CAN come true, faith is real, and all things are possible through Christ. Anthony Dupree wants to dedicate his career to his grandfather, the late Johnny L. Walker and great aunt, the late Dr. Emma Burgess.


 In 2008, Anthony Dupree left the city of Wilmington to pursue higher education at The Virginia State University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, with great future plans to construct and open his very own production studio company. In 2011, Anthony Dupree published his first reading novel titled, Imagine Me. This novel is a very intense story that discusses families who deal with secrets and betrayal. In addition to being an author, the soul singer recorded his first single in 2013 titled 'You’re All I Need', which was picked up by one of Atlanta's top radio station's V-103 (The People's Station) and placed on the acclaimed BET Hip-Hop Awards mix tapes in 2014 & 2015.

Anthony Dupree's acting career began to take off in 2013 with the D. Wiggins Entertainment Group of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as he starred in the stage play production, Static. Then in 2014, Anthony Dupree starred in the encore production, Behind Closed Doors with the same production company; where he won two awards for Best Song Performance and Best Comedic Role during the D. Wiggins Productions (DWP) awards. Anthony Dupree continues to travel and has hit the stage with legendary performing entertainers such as actors Vivica A. Fox, Robin Givens, Clifton Powell, Johnny Gill, Debbie Morgan, Jackée Harry, Patti LaBelle, Keith Washington, Shirley Murdock, comedian AJ Johnson, Case, and Gary "Lil G" Jenkins from R&B group, Silk .




Nothing brings clarity more than a pause & reflect. It’s amazing how much “growth” intimidates those who refuse to tap into their own purpose. Then we find ourselves trying to confront incredible non-credible noise around us who aren’t even qualified to critique our purpose. Many who "love" and/or “want the best” for us, have desires and expectations that are clouded by their own ability to fully see what we’ve been creating for our lives. Be more unapologetically accountable to your own purpose

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